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On January 7, the academic think tank “SEY MOUR INSTITUTE”, which engages in industry-academia collaboration activities in Swiss-Japanese technology, will digitize the modified working hours system and automatically create labor-management agreements and work rules “Labors” (Labors) Ravers) announced the start.

With the cooperation of “Isari Fire”, which operates an inn in Izu-Okawa Onsen, Shizuoka Prefecture, this project solves the problems faced by employers (company) by digitizing labor-management agreements, and makes workers more sustainable. We will work to build a good working environment.

There are many disadvantages for workers in labor-management agreements between workers and employers. The active involvement of employers is essential for the conclusion of labor-management agreements that both parties understand. In addition, the application of the modified working hours system requires a clear statement in the work regulations and labor-management agreement and notification to the administrative supervisory body. It is important that the content is in accordance with the law, that the user does not change it voluntarily, and that the content is operated according to the agreement.

However, many small and medium-sized enterprises such as inns and food and beverage services that adopt a modified working hour system are family-owned, and the managers also carry out work like workers, so there are few human resources to coordinate with the revision of the labor law. The current situation is that it is difficult to recognize and understand work rules in accordance with the law, to appoint appropriate worker representatives for labor-management agreements, and to properly introduce and operate a modified working hour system.

In order to solve these problems, Project Labors will make the system design of the introduction of the modified working hours system and the voting for the appointment of worker representatives into an application, and automate the work rules and the creation of agreements and notifications. According to the app, you can automatically create notification documents to the administrative supervisory agency simply by following the on-screen instructions, selecting the necessary items and setting the numbers. Since the created data (document) calculates a hash value based on the data and records it on the blockchain, it is almost impossible to falsify it.

Automatic creation of notification documents for modified working hours system to administrative supervision agency ・ Project to record on blockchain started

Cooperation of Izu Okawa Onsen Isaribi Ryokan

Isaribi at Izu Okawa Onsen is a small inn with less than 30 employees, but from early on, it introduced a cloud-based reservation and guest room management system PMS (Property Management System) to efficiently manage the inn by digitization. It is said that he went.

The scope of cooperation in this initiative is to share and verify information for digitizing the workflow accompanying the introduction of the modified working hours system, and the steps of communication and comprehensive understanding between employers and workers until the introduction. .. The project period is planned to be half a year from March to September 2021 for product development for business model verification.

36 Technology that guarantees the legitimacy of the selection of workers’ representatives under the agreement on the blockchain

The app used in this project is said to be a development of the “technology that guarantees the legitimacy of the selection of workers’ representatives under the 36 Agreements on the blockchain” announced by SEYMOUR INSTITUTE in September 2020.

The 36 Agreement is a labor-management agreement based on Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act, and is a notification required when an employer orders work (overtime) to exceed the legal working hours of 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. SEYMOUR INSTITUTE aims to create services and frameworks that can be recorded as semi-permanent data values ​​on the public blockchain and used as notifications by government agencies and public evidence, such as by promoting automation in these areas as well.

For this information, see the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Startup Working Conditions: Labor Management / Safety and Health Management WEB Diagnosis Site for Business Operators”, and use web diagnostics to provide basic information related to laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Act and labor management. You can learn knowledge. In addition, the site’s “creation support tool (36 agreement notification, document regarding modified working hours system on a yearly basis)” can be operated intuitively, which is encouraging for SMEs, but labor-management agreements and work rule creation are not linked. It is said.

Automatic creation of notification documents for modified working hours system to administrative supervision agency ・ Project to record on blockchain started

Project Labors is an app that systematically guarantees important employee agreements between labor and management, agreements signed in a legitimate process, proof that work rules have not been tampered with, and data can be digitally viewed by workers. By doing so, the transparency of the organization will be improved.

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