Taylor Swift returns to the stage after 2 years. Americans ready for Halloween

Taylor Swift returns to the stage after 2 years. Americans ready for Halloween

The Swifties are looking forward to Taylor Swift’s tour in the summer of 2023 where she will promote her album Midnights by her. Americans are ready to avoid tricks on Halloween by forewarning with candy even with inflation in that market.

Taylor Swift fans are already waiting for her next concert tour in 2023, where she will promote her new album Midnights by her and after 2 years of being absent from the stage.

The singer was slow to return to concerts due to the covid-19 pandemic, but it is known that this new album will be released on October 21 and is made up of songs that Swift wrote during midnight.

“Definitely, I think that the musical maturity, we will see it the same, but with greater temperance, with greater security within the composition, I think we will see slightly stronger lyrics,” explained Clary Castro, a journalist for Globe Live Media.

While in economic matters, inflation in the United States has not only affected people’s pockets, but also traditions, since a 35% increase in candy is expected for this Halloween, according to Paypal.

“According to PayPal estimates, sweets in the United States during this Halloween season will be more expensive (…) prices are increasing due to inflation, which we already know, but also because the companies that produce the sweets continue to face problems in the supply chains,” explained Maria Lavandera, a journalist for Globe Live Media.

Despite this, Lavandera argued that “so far, the price increase has not had an impact on consumers, some continue to buy and prepare for months.”

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