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On January 13, Giftpad, which develops a platform business that combines social gifts and catalog gifts, announced that it would raise 268 million yen through a third-party allotment.

Underwriters are Kansai Innovation Network Investment Limited Partnership, Shikoku Creation Investment Limited Partnership, Setouchi Tourism Revitalization Investment Limited Partnership, Chugin Infinity Fund No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership, Nantes CVC No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership Limited Partnership, Minato Growth Company Mirai Fund No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership.

The funds raised will be used to strengthen the development system of the company’s digital platform, and the know-how of solution sales cultivated up to now will be used to create new value for the digital platform.

In addition, we will aim to further expand services by strengthening the development system for regional revitalization project initiatives aimed at revitalizing the regional economy, which we have been promoting for some time.

Online gift service gift pad raised 268 million yen, strengthening development system and regional revitalization business
Gift Pad is a company that creates new platforms for retail, e-commerce, and beyond. As a digital platform company in the gift industry, we will provide a completely new market where producers, manufacturers, users (gifters), individuals, and end users (receivers) who provide products will be “good for three sides”. So, I am aiming to convey excitement and gratitude.

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