You can now rent Melania and Donald Trump for your events

You can now rent Melania and Donald Trump for your events

Donald tries to recover his public agenda, something that other former US presidents have also done after leaving the White House; With his own funds, his initiative is focused on activism and on continuing to promote his ‘America First’ program through his website.

But that’s not all, there is something even more interesting, Melania is an essential part of this initiative, which makes it clear that those rumors of the imminent separation of the tycoon, after he was no longer president, were just that.

In the ‘scheduling request’ section of the website, you can request the presence of the former first lady Melania Trump or the former president Donald Trump at certain events.

Although the cost is unknown, for the former presidential couple it is important to know from which “country” you contact them and if there will be media present.

You should also let them know who will be at the meeting, that is, you will have to share a list of “Public and notable guests”, so other celebrities may also be required to be there to make it much easier for Melania and Trump to say yes.

Melissa Galbraith
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