Woman dies after receiving a COVID-19 infected Lungs transplant

Woman dies after receiving a COVID-19 infected Lungs transplant

Surprising event that occurred in Michigan (United States). A woman residing in the aforementioned state contracted coronavirus and lost her life, two months after receiving a double lung transplant. The donor also carried the pathogen, despite not showing any symptoms and initially negative.

Likewise, a surgeon who handled the lungs also became infected and sick, although he finally managed to recover. According to officials from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, this could be the first proven case in which COVID-19 was transmitted through a transplant of organs.

More tests

Daniel Kaul, director of the infectious disease transplant service at Michigan Medicine, noted in the American Journal of Transplantation what more comprehensive donor testing will be requested from now on, with samples from the nose and throat.

The doctor stressed that “de we would not have used our lungs if we had a positive COVID test. All the tests that we normally do and can do, we did. ”


The donor lost his life after suffering a severe brain injury because of a car accident. Your lungs were transplanted into a woman with chronic obstructive disease. Three days after surgery, the recipient began to suffer complications: she had a fever, her breathing became difficult, and her blood pressure dropped.

As it got worse, the patient developed septic shock and heart problems, so the doctors decided to do a test on lung samples, which tested positive. Finally, the woman died 61 days after transplantation.

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