Who are the children of Ivana and Donald Trump

Who are the children of Ivana and Donald Trump

The Trump family mourned the death of Ivana Trump with an emotional statement: “It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our dear mother, Ivana Trump. Our mother was an incredible woman: a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and a loving mother and friend. Ivana Trump was a survivor, she fled communism and embraced this country. She taught her children about determination and tenacity, compassion and determination. She will be greatly missed by her mother, her three children and her ten grandchildren,” Eric Trump wrote alongside a series of photos on Instagram.

Ivana Trump

She was born on February 20 of 1949 in Gottwaldov, the old city of Zlín, Czechoslovakia, which had just been renamed by the communists who took over that country in 1948. She was a model, skier, writer, designer and businesswoman, however, she is widely known for her marriage to the American businessman in the 1980s.

At the same time, she held important positions with the Trump Organization and the Trump Entertainment Resort Foundation.

She was selected as an alternate at the Sapporo Olympics in 1972 for the Czechoslovakian ski team. She got to know the western world and her first husband, Alfres Winklmayr, an Austrian ski instructor and it was thanks to him that she obtained Austrian citizenship and she was able to leave her country without being considered a deserter.

However, the marriage did not last long and they finally divorced in 1973.

In 1975 she moved to Canada without being charged as a deserter, where she lived with George and worked as a model for Canadian fur companies. In 1976 she divorced and moved to New York, where she met Donald Trump and they began a relationship.

The couple married on April 7 of 1977 in a lavish event accompanied by figures of American high society. During their marriage, Donald and Ivana were one of the most powerful couples, in fact, she held the positions of vice president of design at Trump Tower and manager of Trump Castle.

The couple finally broke up in 1992 when Donald Trump was unfaithful. Ivana launched her own lines of jewelry, clothing, and beauty products. She remarried twice more, the first time to millionaire Ricardo Mazzucchelli, from whom she separated 22 months later.

She later had a mediatic affair with Roffredo Gaetani di Laurenzana dell’Aquila d’Aragona Lovatelli, Ferrari tycoon, and finally married Rossano Rubicondi, who died in 2021.

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