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What Jeff Bezos said to Amazon employees in his farewell

The founder of the e-commerce giant reviewed the main products created over the years and urged his employees to “keep inventing.” And he indicated that while his current assignment continues to be rewarding, he intends to focus on other initiatives such as the Jeff Bezos Earth Fund and Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos announced Tuesday that he will step down as CEO of Amazon, the company he founded 27 years ago as an “internet bookstore” and grew into an e-commerce giant with more than 1.3 million employees.

And although he will only be replaced in the third quarter of the year – by Andy Jassy, ​​the director of Amazon Web Services – Jeff Bezos has already begun to walk the path towards what will be his future role : that of executive president of the Amazon board.

Part of this transition was translated into a letter to his employees , in which, in addition to making the announcement itself, he reviewed the main products created by the company over the years and highlighted “inventiveness” as the engine that has driven it. led to be among the largest in the world .

“Invention is the source of our success. We have done crazy things together, and then we made them normal, ”Jeff Bezos says in a paragraph of his letter. “If things are done correctly, a few years after an amazing invention, it becomes normal. People yawn. And that yawn is the highest compliment an inventor can get”, He added.

The businessman indicated in turn that the purpose of his new role is to allocate more energy to other projects in which he is involved. Among them are the Jeff Bezos Earth Fund , through which it pledged USD 10 billion to tackle climate change; Blue Origin , an aerospace transportation company; and The Washington Post , one of the most influential media in the United States and the world.

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