“What if next year we are gone”: Parachicos ignore sanitary measures and go out to dance in Chiapa de Corzo

“What if next year we are gone”: Parachicos ignore sanitary measures and go out to dance in Chiapa de Corzo

Undoubtedly the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo is the most important date for Chiapanecos, because until a year ago it attracted thousands of national and foreign tourists. But this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), state health authorities and the city council had announced their cancellation due to the spike in infections.

Even a few days ago the patron of the “Parachicos” (traditional dancers of the region) made an extensive call through their social networks to stay at home and perform their praises from there.

However, this Friday dozens of residents dressed as Parachicos went out to parade through the streets of the colonial city, defying sanitary restrictions.

Images and videos were disseminated on social networks showing both the dancers and women, older adults and children celebrating outside the church of San Jacinto. In addition, most of them did not wear the mask or respect the healthy distance.

It is worth mentioning that municipal police tried to prevent the act, but the participants continued.

According to various local media, the residents indicated that it was Mr. Carmelo Martínez, one of the Parachicos, who was inciting his companions to leave.

A video was even released where they appear before the celebration, where Martínez mentions that by tradition they had to go out dancing, arguing that they did not know if due to the pandemic they were going to continue alive in 2022:

Today we are going to dedicate it to the Parachicos. We know that there are problems with the health of the Covid and I recognize the patron of the Parachicos, Professor Rubisel, the responsibility (to celebrate in the streets). But there is also a situation where there are people who want to continue our tradition. What if next year we are not with what is happening around the world; so; that’s why we’re going out today

Faced with this, the same inhabitants asked the authorities to exercise the law against Carmelo Martínez for putting the health of the population of Chiapa de Corzo at risk.

However, the city council only limited itself to issuing a statement where they disapproved of the Parachicos’ actions and that those who hold mass meetings in the town will be sanctioned:

“(The city council) condemns that the antagonistic group headed by Carmelo“ N ”, has failed to comply with the pact made by moral, religious and municipal authorities, regarding the cancellation of the events that are part of the traditional January Party of 2021 […] This Constitutional City Council disclaims any celebration that could put the health of Chiapas at risk […] Any person or persons who do not comply with the recommendations in health matters will make the corresponding complaints before the legal authorities, ”the statement read.

(Foto: Twitter/ Sectur)

Chiapa de Corzo is located less than 15 kilometers from the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital of the State, and has about 101 thousand inhabitants.

According to the Health Secretary (Ssa), since the beginning of the epidemic They have registered 188 cases of contagion in this municipality, of which 37 they have been death. Also, it only features 2 active cases; that is, people who had symptoms in the last 14 days.

While at the state level, Chiapas has registered 8,675 accumulated positive cases, as well as 1,257 deaths. exist 181 active cases.

Although the state does not register a high hospital occupancy, as in the rest of the country they continue to increase. During the afternoon conference this Friday from the National Palace it was announced that Chiapas went from green to yellow at the epidemiological traffic light.


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