Gabriel Ruiz Diaz die

What did Gabriel Ruiz Diaz die of?

At 45, Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, former bassist of Catupecu Machu, died

In 2006 he had suffered a car accident that left him off stage. The news was confirmed by his brother Fernando, leader of the band, through an Instagram post

Gabriel Ruiz Díaz , bassist and co-founder of Catupecu Machu , died this Saturday at the age of 45. The news was confirmed by his brother Fernando , leader of the band, through a heartfelt message he shared on his Instagram account .

” Sweethearts, Gabi left today. He left calmly, in peace ”, the musician began by saying. And then I continue: “Gabi the friend, the brother, the bassist, the artist, the scientist, the musician, the son. An animal of music. A loving, generous, good being. Sparkly. And above all, a warrior, a warrior who always gave everything and a little more ”.

Immediately, Fernando continued saying: “Thank you, my brother, for everything. You left today on the day of the Argentine Musician. One day, in an interview, they asked him which album he liked the most in the history of our beloved Argentine rock, and Gabi said: ‘ Artaud , by Luis Alberto Spinetta ‘. Surely it must be waiting for you so that with your four magic strings you can do what you loved the most in your wonderful and incredible life. Bass and music. Fly high, like you always did my brother. Brother of All. Thank you for what you gave and gave us. May you be well wherever you are, which will surely be that place where time does not run, where nothing is called, where you simply are ”.

In 1994, Fernando (on voice and guitar) and Gabriel (on eclectic bass) formed Catupecu Machu . Up and down the stage, they were always together: ” We were like Siamese twins, ” said the singer when talking about his brother. But, in the early morning of March 31, 2006, the bassist suffered a car accident when he was returning from The Roxy nightclub with César Andino , singer from Cabezones . And this left him off the stage forever.

Gabriel had arrived at the hospital with almost no vital signs. They revived him. But, after spending six months in intensive care, he was left with mobility problems and serious neurological sequelae that prevented him from continuing to do what he loved most: music .

“He was a guy who up to the moment of the accident had many projects, a lot of energy to do many things. I think that time did not reach him, not until that moment, nor … He, that life died, right? He lives, he is alive and he has a lot of energy, he is still the same Gabi guerrero, but let’s say, now he doesn’t play bass ” , Fernando had said in an interview with Teleshow.

On the same note, the singer had explained: “There were several things that greatly influenced him not being able to recover. For example, his eyesight was greatly damaged: he sees as through one eye but from one side and then he sees as shadows. He hurt his hip, so walking is also screwed. He lost brain mass. I believe that he is on a journey that sleeps and sleeps; when he wakes up, he wakes up “

Then and without losing hope that at some point “the miracle” would happen, Fernando had explained how much it had cost him to be able to go through that situation: “ There is a job that I had to do, because even if I am well and my spirits are up I wake up every day and say: “Che, is this nightmare over?” It is one of those nightmares that sometimes have breaks ”. But sadly, Gabriel was never able to get on stage again. And his brother had to give the sad news that he never wanted to give.

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