Claudia Resendiz-Flores
USA: woman arrested who shot and killed a man who did not want to kiss her

USA: woman arrested who shot and killed a man who did not want to kiss her

Claudia Resendiz-Flores is charged with “first degree murder” after shooting her victim in the chest for refusing to comply with her request.

A woman from Illinois named Claudia Resendiz-Flores, United States, was detained without bail by authorities after confessing that she had murdered a man because he refused to kiss her, several newspapers reported.

According to the Chicago Sun Times , the events occurred on October 14 at the home of the defendant Claudia Resendiz-Flores, 28, located in Cook County, where she had moved some time ago in the company of James Jones, 29. , and your partner.

The prosecution and local police revealed that those present were drinking alcohol “quietly” until Resendiz-Flores asked the man to kiss her, but received a negative response.

The situation turned aggressive when the woman was able to verify that Jones had no intention of fulfilling his wish because his girlfriend was present, forcing her to take a gun that he hid between the cushions of the armchair and then aim at his victim.

James Jones wanted to neutralize the attack, but the woman managed to fire and the projectile ended up in the man’s chest. The bride immediately contacted emergencies, but when they arrived it was too late, as he was already dead.

Police found the murder weapon and Claudia Resendiz-Flores had no choice but to confess to her crime, which Judge John F. Lyke called “murder in the first degree” during a hearing on Saturday, October 16.

On the other hand, the public defender Courtney Smallwood denied any version of a possible coexistence between the defendant and the couple (James Jones and girlfriend), while the trial is expected to continue on Tuesday, October 19.

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