A high-ranking US delegation was concerned about this during talks on Wednesday and Thursday in Doha, the capital of Qatar, with representatives of the militant Islamist Taliban, the US State Department said on Friday (local time). Both sides agreed that uninterrupted access to basic medical care must be maintained throughout the country. At the same time, however, concerns about transparency would have to be dispelled.

According to its own statements, the USA has provided around 774 million US dollars (around 742 million euros) in aid since August last year.

According to the US Department, the “continuing and increasing restrictions on the rights of Afghan women and girls by the Taliban” were also discussed in the talks. It was made clear that the normalization of the relationship was crucially related to protecting the rights of the people of Afghanistan. The US government officials have also expressed concern about the “continued presence” of Islamist terrorist networks such as al-Qaeda or the IS offshoot Isis-K and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan.

The last US soldiers left Afghanistan at the end of August. Two weeks earlier, the Taliban had taken the capital Kabul without a fight because the Afghan security forces offered no resistance. Shortly before the end of the US evacuation mission, 13 US soldiers and dozens of Afghans were killed in an attack by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) at Kabul Airport.

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