The United States and India will hold a joint military exercise in the Himalayas in response to Beijing’s activities

The United States and India will hold a joint military exercise in the Himalayas in October as “counterweight” to Chinese activities on disputed land.

This year’s annual ‘Yudh Abhyas’ (Training for War) exercise will take place at an altitude of between 9,000 and 10,000 feet, Gen. Charles Flynn, commander of the US Army in the US, told reporters on Wednesday, during his trip to New Delhi.

The training will involve air force units from both countries, including attack aircraft and medevacs. The exact location has not been revealed.

“These are all invaluable opportunities that the Indian Army and the US Army can take advantage of in these training environments.” Flynn said. He added that such exercises have had a “deterrent effect” throughout the region.

Flynn warned about Beijing “Destabilizing and coercive behavior” in the southern Himalayas, where China and India have a longstanding border dispute.

Last month, the Indian government accused China of illegally building two bridges across Pangong Tso Lake. Flynn described such activities “developer” and “alarming.”

“I think it’s worth working together to counter some of that corrosive and corrupt behavior,” said the American general.

During his trip, Flynn held talks with Indian Army Chief of Staff Gen. Manoj Pande and Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Baggavalli Somashekar Raju.

In June 2020, fierce fighting broke out near the de facto border in the Galwan Valley, killing 20 Indian and four Chinese servicemen. Smaller clashes were reported in other areas along the Line of Actual Control. Since then, India has deployed additional forces to the region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in January that construction on the disputed land was “aimed at safeguarding China’s sovereignty and territorial security, as well as peace and stability on the China-India border.”

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