Police officers near the home where the skeletal remains of a minor were found in Houston, Texas

United States: three children were abandoned in a house and lived for months with the body of their brother

HOUSTON.- The United States Police made a macabre discovery this week in the city of Houston , Texas. Inside an apartment, he found the presence of three children who had been living for months with the corpse of his 9-year-old brother . As a result of the discovery , an investigation was initiated that made it possible to locate the mother of the children and her boyfriend, who were arrested for the crimes of “abandonment” and “homicide”, and are questioned by the Justice.

Sources in the case reported that it was one of the children, aged 15 , who called Harris County Police on Sunday and alerted that his younger brother had been dead for about a year and that the body was inside the apartment.

As of the communication, a group of agents moved to the house and found the teenager and two other brothers aged 10 and 7 who lived alone at the home, according to the county police chief, Ed González. The skeletal remains were also located.

“It appears that the remains had been there for a long time. And I stand out for a long time , ”González said at a press conference. The officer added that it also appeared that the children were defending each other and that the older brother was taking care of the two younger ones. It is unknown if any attended the school.

The police chief added that the youngest appeared to be malnourished and had physical injuries. All were transferred to a hospital to be evaluated and treated, and were placed in the custody of child protective services.

At the same time, the authorities began an investigation that allowed the boys’ mother and her boyfriend to be located and detained yesterday . Both were identified as Gloria Y. Williams, 35, and Brian Coulter, 31, and charged with the crimes of “abandonment” and “homicide.”

Following the spread of the case, neighbors expressed shock and disbelief. Kayla Williams told the Houston Chronicle that she has two children, but she does not plan to tell them what happened. “I don’t need to put this on your head,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

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