United States: Oklahoma bans abortion after fertilization

United States: Oklahoma bans abortion after fertilization

“In Oklahoma, we will always stand up for life,” said the Republican governor of this conservative southern state.

Abortion is now banned from fertilization in Oklahoma after the adoption of a law proposed by the governor of this conservative state in the southern United States. “I promised the people of Oklahoma that as governor I would sign any pro-life legislation that came my way, and I’m proud to have delivered on that promise today,” the Republican said. Kevin Stitt, in a statement. “In Oklahoma, we will always stand up for life,” he added.

Inspired by a law passed by Texas in September, this text, which comes into force throughout the State, opens the door to lawsuits launched by ordinary citizens against people suspected of having had an abortion. The definition of abortion, according to the text, however, does not include “the use, prescription, supply, or sale of morning after pills, or any type of contraception or emergency contraception”.

This law was passed by the Oklahoma legislature in mid-May in the context of a threat to the right to abortion by the Supreme Court which, according to a document revealed by the media Politico, seems ready to go back fifty years. after its historic decision to protect abortion. The organization Planned Parenthood, which defends the right to abortion, announced on this occasion that it was going to “sue Oklahoma”. “This ban – along with all the other bans this state passed in court – must be stopped.

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