UNAM specialist revealed which species will survive climate change

UNAM specialist revealed which species will survive climate change

The climate change is one of the main concerns that year after year the inhabitants of the world are plagued by its increasingly visible effects. Therefore, specialists constantly do estimates of how life will affect of humans and also that of animals.

Unlike people, animals have no power to put a brake on global warming and they are only pushed to survive. Hence that worries which species will survive to these changes.

About, Antonio Lazcano Araujo, emeritus professor of the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained in an interview to UNAM Global that various species on our planet will be able to adapt to any change.

The specialist recalled that in the past there have been cases of species that survive in adverse conditions, difficult to survive, but that have still adapted to give continuity to their type.

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“(In) a splendid outreach book, I was struck by a paragraph that explained about some plants capable of adapting at very high concentrations of accumulated metals in the environment as a result of the industrial activity“, he pointed.

In that sense, he said that living things have an enormous capacity to adapt. He highlighted another case on the university campus itself that proves the theory.

He said that in Ciudad Universitaria they have detected that some bird nests in the framework of its dry twigs there are bits of plastic, this means that these birds have adapted to the presence of said material, incorporating it into their lives.

He assured that in the same way there are many life forms capable of surviving climate change, but the absolute champions are the prokaryotic bacteria and archaea, as well as all unicellular organisms that lack a nuclear membrane.

07-06-2021 Coral reef. Species Paramuricea clavata coralligeno. EUROPE SPAIN POLICY SOCIEDAD LORENZO MEROTTO / WWF

For Lazcano Araujo, in the origin and evolution of life, these organisms have an extraordinary capacity to resist high pressures, low temperatures, high levels of ultraviolet radiation and the presence of metals.

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