Tulsi Gabbard, former presidential hopeful, leaves the Democratic Party

Tulsi Gabbard, former presidential hopeful, leaves the Democratic Party

Washington, Oct 11 –  Former congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, former candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States. in 2020, announced on Tuesday her departure from the political formation, considering that she is “under total control of an elite cabal of war-mongers”.

Gabbard, 41, made her announcement in a video posted to her social media accounts, which is the first episode of her new podcast, “The Tulsi Gabbard Show.”

In the recording, she explained that today she cannot remain in the Democratic Party because “it is completely under the control of an elite clique of war instigators led by a cowardly progressive”, which, she assured, divides the country by racializing all issues and fueling anti-white racism.

The former congresswoman considered that Democratic leaders actively work to undermine “God-given freedoms enshrined in the Constitution”, are hostile to people of faith, demonize the police and use national security as a weapon against their political opponents.

Gabbard further lamented that a pro-war Democratic Party has brought the country to the brink of nuclear conflict: “This party is led by war-mongers who are tightly controlled by the military industry and don’t know or care about the cost of the war, who pays its price,” she remarked.

In more leftist circles, Gabbard was seen in her day as a rising star of the Democratic Party fighting against the Party apparatus.

A veteran of the Iraq war, she was a legislator in the country’s lower house for Hawaii between 2013 and 2021 and made history by becoming the first practicing Hindu and the first person from American Samoa to reach Congress.

In February 2019, Gabbard launched her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President of the country, but her campaign received little media attention and funding, and she decided to withdraw from the race in March 2020.

In fact, in the Iowa caucuses, which opened the party’s primary in early 2020, Gabbard received 0% of the vote, with similar results in New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

The only time her campaign garnered more attention was in October 2019 when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted on a podcast that the Russians were backing a candidate, in an apparent reference to Gabbard, who denied it and sued the former president. Foreign for defamation.

After her withdrawal from that electoral race, Gabbard gave her support to the nomination of the current president Joe Biden, although she has been very critical of her policies since her arrival at the White House.

As a legislator, she was a controversial figure who met in 2017 in Damascus with the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, and was one of the four Democrats who did not support the presentation of political charges in 2019 to open the first “impeachment” against the then president. , Republican Donald Trump, which earned him numerous criticisms.

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