Trump to retrieve some documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago

Trump to retrieve some documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago


The special teacher Raymond Dearie issued a three-page ruling ordering the return of certain non-privileged documents or government materials that the Justice Department seized from Mar-a-Lago from Donald Trump at the beginning of August.

According to Forbes, Raymond ordered that some original documents be returned to Trump before October 10 and indicated that both the Justice Department and the Trump team agreed that they could be turned over.

Open inventory lists showed that the government had offered to return the documents on August 30.

However, the federal district judge Alieen Cannon used those non-government documents as justification for the appointment of special master indicating the September 5 date that the filter team said that there were materials such as “medical documents, correspondence related to taxes and accounting information”.

The Justice Department said in the filing that those documents “do not appear to be privileged” and are “all of a legal or potentially sensitive nature” and do not appear to be presidential records, government documents, or classifieds.

“Among the approximately 300 pages of documents that will be returned, according to the file, they found a letter from Trump’s doctor from 2016; documents related to several Trump-related lawsuits; accounting and fiscal documents; a confidential settlement agreement between the PGA and Trump Golf; bills for legal fees; the email accepting Trump’s resignation from the Screen Actors Guild; a draft confidentiality agreement; and a letter signed by a Trump legal adviser to the Biden campaign,” Forbes reported.

The Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers, as part of the Dearie review, are still reviewing other materials to determine which may be covered by attorney-client privilege or executive privilege and not be investigated by the Department of Justice.

Dearie was ordered to complete his review by December 16, and a status conference will be held on October 18 as part of the review.

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