Trump testifies in defamation lawsuit against woman who accuses him of sexual abuse

Trump testifies in defamation lawsuit against woman who accuses him of sexual abuse

Former President Donald Trump appeared to testify in defamation case after a lawsuit filed by the writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of being sexually abused in 1995 inside the dressing room in a warehouse in New York.

Through his lawyers, Trump has tried to suspend the process since it began in 2019, but last week the presiding judge, Lewis Kaplan, ordered the former president to testify before the complainant’s defense and urged him not to “let the clock run”.

A spokesman for the law firm Kaplan Hecker & Fink, which represents Carroll, said in a brief statement sent to the media that the former president Trump had appeared that day to testify but declined to give further details.

According to information from CNN, Donald Trump made his statement from his Mar-a-Lago residential complex in Palm Beach, Florida, but the content of that appearance that was carried out under oath has not transpired, nor if they have answered the questions or if the former president used the Fifth Amendment so as not to incriminate

The plaintiff, Jean Carroll denounced Trump’s alleged rape in a book published in 2019, after which the former president, still in the White House, said that the writer was lying, that he did not know her, despite a photo of both together, and pointed out that he was looking for publicity, because it was not “his type”.

The Elle columnist also sued him for defamation.and has recently said he intends to file a rape lawsuit as well under a soon-to-open temporary legal window in New York to report prescribed sex crimes.

The New York State Adult Survivor Law, which goes into effect this November, will allow for one year to report rapes and other aggressions -which usually prescribe in about 5 years- suffered by people over 18 years of age, regardless of the time elapsed.

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