The former U.S. president cites an “illegal leak” that he attributes to the current president, Joe Biden, on the case of alleged bribery of a porn actress on the campaign trail.

Former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) on Sunday accused his successor, Joe Biden, of being involved in the investigation against him by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, in the framework of which he expects to be arrested on Tuesday.

“Biden wants to pretend that he has nothing to do with the assault on democracy by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office when, in fact, he has ‘filled’ the DA’s office with people from the Department of Injustice,” he said on his social network, Truth Social, the same from which he announced his eventual arrest yesterday and from which he called his followers to protest.

The Manhattan investigation, which has lasted nearly 5 years, focuses on a payment of $ 130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels allegedly in exchange for her silence about a sexual relationship during the election campaign that ended up taking him to the White House in 2017. Trump alleged that a top Justice Department official in Washington, referring to Democratic prosecutor Alvin Bragg, is the one who is leading the “witch hunt” against him by taking orders from the capital.

Bragg himself, the head of the New York District Attorney’s Office, told his staff today that his office will not be intimidated by the former Republican president’s calls for protest in the event he is indicted. One of the White House spokesmen, John Kirby, also maintained this Sunday that although he is not aware of any security threats related to Trump’s call, authorities are monitoring the organization of eventual protests.

“We always monitor the situation as best we can. And obviously we don’t want violence, certainly not to the extreme of what we saw on January 6,” 2021, he said on Fox in reference to the assault on the Capitol, before which Trump had also urged his supporters to demonstrate against the results of the election in which he was defeated by Biden.

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