Trump charges Biden in Washington: “The US has been brought to its knees”

Trump charges Biden in Washington: “The US has been brought to its knees”

Washington, Jul 26 – Former US President Donald Trump reappeared this Tuesday in Washington for the first time since he left power in 2021 and did so with a strong criticism of the country’s situation under the mandate of his successor, the Democrat Joe Biden: America “has been brought to its knees,” he said.

“Our country has been brought to its knees, literally to its knees. Who would have thought? (…) We have never had anything like what is happening now,” he told the conservative think tank America First Policy Institute.

In addition, in a speech focused on security and the need to regain control, and without talking about his intentions for the 2024 presidential elections, Trump trusted that a new Republican mandate would reverse the current situation.

“This November, the people will vote (in the legislature) to stop the destruction of our country and they will vote to rescue the future of the United States. I am here to start talking about what we must do to achieve that future when we win a triumphant victory in 2022 and when a Republican president gets the White House back in 2024, which I really think will happen,” he said.

Trump pointed out that inflation at historical levels of 9.1%, the price of gasoline also at maximum prices and uncontrolled insecurity, in his opinion, have meant that in the United States there is currently neither “security” nor “freedom”. “.

“Just two years ago we had a booming economy the likes of which had never been seen before, the strongest and most secure border in American history, energy independence and record low gas prices.”

For Trump, “Cities run by Democrats are shooting up crime records.” “Our country is suffering one historic humiliation after another on the world stage. And then at home, our most basic rights and freedoms are totally under siege. The American dream is being shattered.”

Trump reappeared in Washington at a time when new revelations from the committee investigating the January 6, 2021 assault on Capitol Hill, while Biden’s electoral victory was being certified, have proven that he did not want to stop the protest in time, in which there were five deaths, nor to discredit the offenders.

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