Former United States President Donald Trump (2017-2021) called for the country’s Constitution to be ended, insisting on accusations without evidence that there was electoral fraud in the 2020 elections.

Trump made these statements on Saturday night on the Truth Social platform, a social network promoted by himself, in response to the publication on Twitter of some internal emails from the company that show why the company decided to restrict an article about the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter.

Trump wrote in his platform that “the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee” relied on big tech platforms to carry out “massive fraud” in the election that brought victory to current President Biden.

“A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows the end of all rules, regulations and articles, including those of the Constitution,” the Republican wrote in his Truth account.

The White House condemned Trump’s statements, defending the country’s Constitution.

“You can’t love America only when you win. The US Constitution is a sacrosanct document that for more than 200 years has ensured that freedom and the rule of law will be maintained in our great Country,” a spokesman said. Saturday night, according to US media reports this Sunday.

A few hours ago, billionaire Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter account that he will soon publish a second series of information on the subject, which he has dubbed “The Twitter files.”

On Friday night, Musk shared a thread of messages from journalist Matt Taibbi in which he detailed, citing internal documents from Twitter workers, the management of the social network of a story published by the New York Post about the business of Hunter Biden when his father was a 2020 presidential candidate.

Taibbi, with access to those documents presumably granted by the new owner of Twitter, revealed how workers at the social network, which received large donations from the Democratic Party, reduced the distribution of the Post story and removed links that led to it both in tweets as direct messages.

The employees allegedly relied on the company’s policy on pirated materials due to the origin of the Post’s information, a measure that its own founder, Jack Dorsey, already considered “wrong” in 2020 and that has generated debate about the power of the technology to censor information and on the right to freedom of the press.

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