Tim Cook was allegedly threatened and harassed by a woman

Tim Cook was allegedly threatened and harassed by a woman

Apple has put a restraining order against a woman who allegedly threatened, and harassed the company’s CEO Tim Cook for more than a year.

In a court brief filed last week in Santa Clara County Superior Court, Apple said a Virginia woman has exhibited “erratic, threatening and bizarre” behavior.

The woman allegedly drove across the country to make personal contact with Cook and trespassed on his property twice, according to the filing. She also claimed to be his wife and said they had twins together, according to the court filing.

The documents say that for more than a year, the woman sent threats directly to Cook via email and on Twitter, which included images of a loaded gun and a bundle of ammunition.

She tagged the CEO in tweets, the file shows, and wrote private messages hinting that she wanted a sexual relationship, stating that she “couldn’t live any longer” and that “patience is almost over.”

Between October and mid-November 2020, the woman allegedly sent Cook nearly 200 emails that “showed a significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and highly disturbing,” according to the document.

In October 2021, she was detained by local police after trespassing on private property, where she allegedly told police she “could be violent.”

The brief also alleges that the woman attempted to open fraudulent businesses in Cook’s name. Last month, she allegedly demanded $500 million from Cook to “forget and forgive.”

Apple said it believes the woman may still be armed in San Francisco’s South Bay area and “intends to return to the Apple CEO’s residence or otherwise locate him in the future.”

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A hearing on the matter is set for March.

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