This man watched a 'Spider-Man' movie 292 times for a world record

This man watched a ‘Spider-Man’ movie 292 times for a world record

A Florida man regained a world record after watching the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times

Ramiro Alanis had previously achieved the record for “most viewed film productions of the same film” in 2019 after seeing Avengers: Endgame 191 times. But, in 2021, Arnaud Klein surpassed him by seeing Kaamelott: First Installment 204 times, according to a Guinness World Records press release.

To regain his title, Alanis spent a total of 720 hours, or 30 days, watching the latest installment of the “Spider-Man” saga between December 16, 2021 and March 15, 2022. During the first weeks of his record attempt, he attended five consecutive screenings each day.

Alanis estimates that he spent a total of about $3,400 on movie tickets in the three months to break the record.

Alanis sought the record in honor of his late grandmother, Juany, according to Guinness. “She was my number one support and I want to continue to hold the record,” he said in the press release.

The conditions of the record dictate that “the film must be viewed independently of any other activity”, so Alanis could not take a nap, use his phone or even go to the bathroom while watching the tape. In addition, Alanis combined the reproductions of the film with his family and work obligations.

Hundreds of views made Alanis an expert on the film’s script, telling Guinness that he can “more or less recite the dialogue along with the film.”

The film stars Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as MJ; they both take on Marvel villains. The box office success also brought back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, who previously played the character of Spider-Man.

Thanks to Alanis and other viewers, Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed more than $1 billion in worldwide sales.

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