They pose as electrical employees and steal 0,000 in jewelry in Florida

They pose as electrical employees and steal $250,000 in jewelry in Florida

Two men posing as employees of an electricity company entered a house in Miramar (southeast of Florida), and stole $250,000 worth of jewelry from an 81-year-old woman, local media reported on Friday.

The robbery occurred on the afternoon of June 25, when two men called a house and introduced themselves as employees of the Florida Power and Light (FPL) company to its owner, Dianne Reeves, 81, who lives alone in home.

Video from a surveillance camera at the rear of the house shows Reeves talking to one of the robbers, who is wearing a red orange baseball cap and a mask.

While he distracts the woman by telling her where they are going to relocate the new electricity meter, the other criminal takes advantage of the moment to enter through the front door, go to the victim’s bedroom and steal almost all the jewelry and valuables that he kept in the drawers in a closet, picked up Channel 7 News.


In an interview, in the midst of tears, the old woman says that much loved jewelery was stolen from her, such as the wedding ring and the engagement ring, as well as jewelery that her husband had given her and others inherited from her mother, all “Irreplaceable objects for their sentimental value over the years”, she lamented.

“My advice?, Number one, don’t open the door to anyone and, number two, if you do speak to them, make sure they show you identification.”

Authorities advise residents to be vigilant and always ask for identification before allowing anyone to enter their property.

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