They found the lifeless body of the young man who had thrown himself into the stream of a private neighborhood in Tigre

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Young man disappeared in Villa La Ñata, Tigre

Finally, 48 hours after his disappearance, The body of the young Gian Mazzuchelli was found dead in the waters of the Villanueva canal, in Villa La Ñata, Tigre.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed to Infobae the finding of the 17-year-old, who had jumped into the water on Saturday morning from one of the coasts of the private Santa Catalina neighborhood and no one ever saw him leave.

The adolescent’s body it was a few meters from one of the banks of the canal, entangled with a branch. In the last hours, her ex-partner had spoken to the media and confirmed that during Friday night Mazzuchelli had not gone out with friends and had stayed at home. The same version kept the young man’s father before the police.

Likewise, the security cameras of the Santa Catalina neighborhood They had taken the teenager at 3.35 in the morning of Saturday running and going around the streets of the country. It is believed that he jumped into the water a few minutes later.

Civil Defense personnel, volunteer firefighters from Tigre, tactical divers and personnel from the Special Risks Division of the Buenos Aires Police had resumed search tasks early Monday. Thus, after an hour and a half, they found the body of the teenager about 1,000 meters from the place where he allegedly jumped into the water at dawn on Saturday.

The search tasks were carried out during Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Gian was last seen alive by a private neighborhood security guard, who claimed to have seen him jump into the water and notified police within minutes.

“He heard how Gian fell into the water, he saw him, but instead of doing something, he thought he was a criminal and no one came to help him, no one went to rescue him or do anything,” said the young man’s ex-girlfriend, Victoria, in statements to the TN channel.

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