Ryker Webb, a four-year-old boy who went missing in the United States, was found safe after two days alone in the Montana desert in frigid temperatures without eating or drinking over the weekend.

Authorities said the little boy had been found. “Injured, but hungry, thirsty and cold”, after two days of intense search involving ground response personnel, vehicle teams, ATVs, canine teams, drones, helicopters and a multi-agency boat unit.

The young man had just disappeared before 5 p.m. Friday, and a concerned neighbor alerted, as announced by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to US media. Agents soon discovered that he had already been missing for more than two hours at that point and had last been seen playing with the family’s dog south of Troy, Montana.

The dense vegetation in the area also made the search for the boy “extremely difficult”. Finally, he was found about three kilometers from where he disappeared. He was wearing pajamas and appeared to have had a bloody nose.

“He was in good spirits and apparently healthy, although he was hungry, thirsty and cold,” the sheriff’s office said.

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