They executed a National Defense command in the Tierra Caliente area, in Michoacán

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Manuel “N”, 37 years old, identified as Commander of the Special Operations Battalion, was found wrapped in a blanket and shot in the head, on a railway bridge in Múgica, Michoacán.

Last Wednesday at 09:00 hours, the authorities were alerted about a package that appeared to be a human body. Police elements were transferred to the site and cordoned off the area and notified the social representatives.

Personnel from the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit, as well as elements from the Specialized Unit for the Investigation and Persecution of Homicide, attested to the removal of the body, which was transferred to Semefo for the purposes of the law.

This same week, in Villa Madero, Michoacan, the deputy director of the Municipal Police, Gerardo Vázquez Bucio was assassinated while attending a call for family violence.

According to reports, the manager knocked on the door of the building where family violence was being carried out, the alleged perpetrator opened the door and shot Vázquez Bucio’s head.

An escort from the police command reacted and fired his weapon against the alleged criminal, hitting him in the neck. Local paramedics treated Vázquez Bucio and tried to transfer him to a regional hospital, although he died on the way. The supposedly responsible person is treated in a local hospital.

Violence in Michoacán

Alleged members of the CJNG launched a video challenge to the United Cartels (Photo: Special)
Alleged members of the CJNG launched a video challenge to the United Cartels (Photo: Special)

Michoacan, located in the central west of the country, is going through the bloodiest moment in its history. The images of the latest confrontations, warnings, deaths, and torture, threaten the weakness of the State that repeats that it is not at war.

He Jalisco New Generation Cartel(CJNG), the most powerful criminal organization in Mexico, has been in an expansion phase in the state for at least 14 months, and nothing seems to stop it. His struggle for power has led to major massacres and operations.

The attempt by the CJNG to seize the land of the avocado has reached the point of challenging the local criminal group, Cartels United. Your war is not a current thing. Juan José Álvarez Farías, alias the “Grandfather”, absolute leader of the latter organization, operates in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán.

The “Grandfather”, who at some point took up arms against organized crime, was accused of being the presumed head of the plaza. Los Valencia Cartel, but in 2009 He was accused of being linked to the CJNG, being its operator in Michoacan and lieutenant in Tepelcatepec, Sahuayo, Juquilpan and Aguililla.

On March 6 of that year, he was arrested in Buenavista Tomatlán, in possession of weapons for the exclusive use of the Army, but was released shortly thereafter.

In February 2014, he was seen at a self-defense meeting with the then Michoacán Security Commissioner, Alfredo Castillo, with whom he agreed on security strategies and coordination actions in order to regain the security of the Tierra Caliente area.

The meeting generated multiple speculations, especially because the criminal cell of Los Valencia would be the main responsible for the executions in Tierra Caliente.

On August 20, 2016, he was attacked by an armed group: he was injured, but his 11-year-old nephew died.

Just under a year, on May 27, 2018, he was again arrested during an operation by the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) and after his arrest, the inhabitants blocked the road and burned vehicles.

A judge declared the detention of “El Abuelo” illegal, so on May 30, just three days later, he was released and with a party, applause and shouts they received him in the town of Tepalcatepec.

According to an intelligence report, Farías allowed the CJNG to infiltrate Los Reyes, Michoacán. He represented the “jaliscos” and became one of the top operators.

The break between the CJNG and “Abuelo” came after the attempted murder of a low-profile drug lord with whom Farías was allied: Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy, known as the “Lord of Zicuirán”. Then, the “Grandfather” closed Tepalcatepec and closed the entrance to Apatzingán, Buenavista, Periván and Uruapán for his former Jalisco partners. Since then, they have been embroiled in endless warfare.


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