They discuss plan against US incentive to electric vehicles

They discuss plan against US incentive to electric vehicles

Heads of the governments of Canada and Mexico yesterday discussed a common plan against the incentives announced by the United States (EU) for the sale of electric vehicles, which Ottawa considers are harmful and violate the trade agreement of the three countries.

The Minister of International Trade of Canada, Mary Ng, and the Secretary of the Economy of Mexico, Tatiana Clouthier, had a telephone conversation in which they discussed this matter, according to the Canadian Ministry of International Trade in a statement.

During the call, the Canadian minister expressed her “deep concerns” about the proposed policy of incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles in the United States, one of the key points of the Administration of President Joe Biden to fight against climate change and promote the local economy.

Biden’s proposal, included in the “Build Back Better” bill, is to offer American consumers a Tax credit of up to $ 12,500 for the purchase of electric vehicles produced in plants in the United States.

Ng noted in his conversation with Clouthier that “the steps Canada has taken to defend its auto sector and its workers have included retaliation options.”

Minister Clouthier told the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC, that Mexico wants to coordinate with Canada to present a common plan against Biden’s initiative.

Clouthier also said that the two countries are analyzing the economic reprisals they can take against the United States and noted that “in no way will there be consequences” in response to that nation’s measure.

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