They arrested a suspect for the attack on the police woman in Berazategui

They arrested a suspect for the attack on the police woman in Berazategui

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They arrested a suspect for the attack on the police woman in Berazategui

A young man was arrested yesterday afternoon, suspected of being one of the “motochorros” who shot and stole the regulation weapon from Melisa Rossi Galarza, the Buenos Aires Police Second Lieutenant who lost an eye as a result of the shots she received in front of a kiosk in the Berazategui district.

The apprehended was identified as Franco Nicolás “Nut” Schteingara. He was going to be investigated in the next few hours by the prosecutor Daniel Ichazo, head of the decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 1 of this city, who is in charge of the cause for the attack on the uniformed police.

Although police sources had initially indicated that there were two young people captured in the framework of this investigation, it was later confirmed that The second of them was only asked for his personal documentation and later he was released.

According to what the agency detailed Telam, Schteingara was arrested at his home after a series of raids. The authorities had been able to identify him and his accomplice, who until now remained a fugitive.

Meanwhile, on the same Friday, the police shot, who suffered the loss of his right eye as a result of one of the shotsShe was referred to the Fitz Roy Integral Medical Center, located in the Villa Crespo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. There she remained in intensive care.

According to the last medical part, the woman is “hemodynamically stable and lucid”Although they had to put a cast on him because one of the bullets hit him in the left hand and caused the fracture of the second and third metacarpals.

On the other hand, it was also reported that he has splinters over the sinus of the left maxilla and she was scheduled to undergo surgery in the affected eye area.

The incident was recorded during the afternoon of last Thursday, when Melisa Rossi Galarza was shot by two motorcycle jets who stole her regulation weapon at the corner of 128th and 4th streets, in the Berazategui game.

The corner where the attack occurred

The corner where the attack occurred 

Several security personnel traveled to that place after a call to 911 that alerted them to gunshots, and upon arrival they found that the Buenos Aires Police second lieutenant had been injured during the robbery.

According to judicial and police spokesmen, minutes before the attack the uniformed officer had finished her service in the Patrol Command of this same jurisdiction. The criminals accosted her when she stopped at a kiosk to do some shopping before continuing on her way home.

When she was waiting to be treated, dressed in the police uniform, she was surprised from behind by one of the two assailants, who was armed, and got off a motorcycle driven by her accomplice.

Under these circumstances, the thief took the service weapon from him Bersa Mini Thunder caliber 9 mm and fired two shots that hit Rossi Galarza in the eye and waist, who fell to the ground.

The sources consulted specified that when the offender was about to escape, he retraced his steps and shot the second lieutenant again, who tried to cover himself with his left hand, which caused his fractures.

After the attack, the motorcycle jets escaped aboard the same vehicle in which they were driving and with the pistol that they stole from the police. A few minutes later, Melisa was transferred to El Cruce High Complexity Hospital in the neighboring district of Florencia Varela, where she was initially admitted, before being referred to the Fitz Roy Integral Medical Center.

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