They are the celebrities with depression who have given visibility to the issue

They are the celebrities with depression who have given visibility to the issue

Uma Thurman suffered depression, even at her best after her two hits Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. As she made clear while this was going on, no amount of career success would ever make up for her two failed marriages or even being a single mother. Luckily, Thurman found a way out through yoga, finding emotional balance through her practice.

One of the best known pop stars, Lady Gaga, publicly admitted that she was suffering from depression and anxiety to The Mirror magazine. The singer pointed out that “despite the fact that it was a complicated time”, she learned that this could not destroy “how great she resides”.

Demi Lovato spent three months in rehab in 2010 after suffering from eating disorders, bipolar disorders and self-harm. Two years later, she chose to tell her problem to the world “and inspire people to seek help for their problems.”

In an interview for the magazine Teen Vogue, she confessed that “for a long time I was trying to be someone I was not and I was very unhappy. When I came out and said, ‘I’m human, I have problems and I want to share them,’ that’s when I really started connecting.”

The gymnast Simone Biles had previously spoken out about her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but during the last Olympics she became an unofficial ambassador for mental health when she dropped out of competition due to depression and anxiety, prioritizing herself over Olympic gold.

The gymnast, like other of her teammates on the American team, most likely suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the abuse suffered at the hands of the doctor Larry Nassar, tried and convicted of sexually abusing more than 250 young people.

Zayn Malik for his part, he wanted to normalize the eating disorders that also affect men, comparatively much more invisible due to the stigma that assumes that anorexia or bulimia are “female diseases”.

In his autobiography, the singer acknowledged that during his tours with One Direction he went days without eating. Leaving the music group and seeking help was the answer: “People are often scared to admit difficulties, but I don’t think there should be any shame for something that is a reality.”

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