They accuse Miguel Uribe Turbay and members of the Democratic Center of benefiting from contracts for the prevention of covid-19

They accuse Miguel Uribe Turbay and members of the Democratic Center of benefiting from contracts for the prevention of covid-19

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Instituto Humboldt and Miguel Uribe announced the termination of the contract after the scandal

This Sunday, the director of Anticorruption Institute, Camilo Enciso, published a column on the portal The Danieles in which he comments that both Miguel Uribe Turbay as members of his party, the Democratic Center, have been benefited with money from contracts for the prevention of covid-19.

Enciso clarifies that in mid-December of last year the agreements “supposedly” signed with the two pharmaceutical companies that will bring vaccines against covid-19 were announced through a statement made by the National Government, in which it is said that these agreements must be paid to a Covid subaccount. And according to the anti-corruption director, the National Government will not publish said statement.

In addition to this complaint, He also comments that several officials who worked in Uribe Turbay’s political campaign for the Mayor of Bogotá They are currently earning salaries greater than seven million pesos through such contracts that were awarded by the President Iván Duque.

Among the public officials mentioned in the article, Enciso pointed to Adriana Lucía Jiménez as the general manager of the Covid subaccount, which has been working since the mayoral campaign with Miguel Uribe Turbay. “First as a lawyer for the Bogotá Government Secretariat, a position she entered with a salary of 3’888,041 in April 2016, and later as manager of the mayoral campaign of her political boss. With his new contract charged to the Subaccount Covid went on to earn $ 14′673,713 per month “says the column.

Enciso also tells that Juan Sebastián Castro, philosopher and public administrator, is close to the former candidate since he worked in the Bogotá Council between the beginning of 2014 and the end of 2015. Then, for 2016, Castro was selected to work in the Secretary of Government where he took the position of head in the advisory office of Planning. And for last year, it rose and is receiving $ 10,565,073 monthly.

“One of the most benefited contractors is the retired general Gustavo Rincón Rivera, a failed former candidate for the Presidency of Acore (entity that brings together retired military personnel), who signed a contract for 12 million per month in order to provide legal advisory services”, says the director.

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In addition to this, Enciso says that the retired general, Rincón Rivera, was the subject of conversation in many media because of his stance against the peace agreement and the JEP. And he quoted an excerpt from the letter that Rincón showed in court:

“The confusing Special Jurisdiction of Peace for the Public Force RESERVE THE CADALSO ACTIVE! And in a special meeting of their so-called table, they will release a statement expressing objections to what they themselves approved, what a disappointment, they were told in all possible ways, not to support that Transitional Justice, that this Justice was a justice done by bandits , for bandits and only for his own benefit, but he never paid attention to the good faith suggestions that were made to him, in order to maintain the Honor of the heroes of the Homeland, now after an eye out there is no worthy Saint Lucia , they delivered to our country, our men in activity and in retirement. (…) Apparently that’s what it became and I think that for the same reason it was that he received in the facilities of our association people totally opposed to the public force, such as the former prosecutor Montealegre, Álvaro Leiva Duran and of course, to the Spanish communist lawyer, Enrique Santiago, advisor to the FARC narco-terrorists (…) ”.

Enciso added that under the judicial supervision of General Rincón, Covid subaccount signed a contract last year with the Consorcio Primero en Salud, which is made up of Pezeta Publicidad SAS and Pubblica SAS. The contract aimed at “the production and dissemination of content related to the pandemic” during September 2020 and January 2021. This contract increased its cost to eighteen billion pesos, where the money was used in a fence car with sound for $ 60,000,000 and profiling for $ 24,000,000.

According to the Pulzo portal, the “National Unit for Disaster Risk Management appears some of the names mentioned by Camilo Enciso in his column this Sunday. In a document dated May 4, 2020, the hiring of Mrs. Adriana Jiménez is ordered to assume the management of the Sub-account for the Mitigation of COVID-19 Emergencies, with a salary of more than 14 million pesos, plus 2 ′ 700,000 pesos for VAT, to round off an amount of more than 17 million pesos ”.

So far, Miguel Uribe Turbay and his campaign and business colleagues have not commented.

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