The Woman who murdered her boyfriend to find out if killing

The Woman who murdered her boyfriend to find out if killing “was as pleasant as sex”

Alice Weiss, 65, was arrested this Wednesday by police in Missouri for gunning down her partner in 2004. According to her statements, she wanted to know if killing someone was really as pleasurable as sex.

Weiss is currently facing criminal charges for the violent attack on James Summers, 47 years old. The woman shot her partner in the back and head with a 22-caliber pistol.

Summers was found dead at the entrance to the parking lot of his residence in the town of Dittmer. A close relative of the attacker told detectives that he picked her up the night of the murder at a police station and took her to his home.

At that time, Weiss told her cousin that she was in trouble because she had given a first version to the authorities and denied having shot her partner. However, the woman changed her version after the discovery of bullet residues at the scene.

Weiss gave an infinity of versions about what happened to this relative who picked her up from the police station. One of the versions was that Summers took the gun and went to the garage after hearing the presence of a stranger.

Later, the woman went to the bathroom, but she never told him the reasons why she took the shower in the middle of this situation.

In 2008, the father of Weiss died and the suspect confessed to her relative that she was Summers’s killer. In the conversation, the attacker compared her partner to her older brother, whom she allegedly hated.

The woman also commented that if at some point in her life she was accused of the death of her partner, she would blame her dead father. “Weiss stated that he always wanted to know if killing someone was as enjoyable as sex,” the Jefferson County police report states.

Now, Weiss faces second-degree murder charges and will be held without bail.

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