Some offenders from New York now mobilize in vans to surprise people and rob as much of them as possible in a matter of seconds. However, one of the victims of these assailants managed to escape with a “miracle”.

As reported by GLM, one of the people who was going to be a victim of these criminals was faster and reacted in time to escape along the sidewalk of a street in New York.

In a video published by the New York Police Department, two subjects dressed in black are observed getting out of a luxurious truck, which did not raise suspicion a few seconds before. The criminals try to assault two people, but one of them runs away.

One of the criminals tries to catch up with the person who ran away, but his efforts are in vain. The victim is lost in the distance from the security cameras and the aggressor.

The New York police have not released many details about the attack, but they are searching for these subjects and have requested the support of the public to find their whereabouts. A reward of $3,500 has been offered to provide location information.

Wanted by assault in front of 2334 on Amsterdam avenue,” said the NYPD Crime Stoppers Twitter account. For this reason, the authorities in New York stated that any information must be provided to a specific number and that it will work in strict confidence.

Crime in New York has been on the rise, the NYPD reports. In May 2021, the crime rate increased by 22% compared to May 2020. It should be emphasized that serious crimes of aggression registered a boost of 20.5% compared to May 2020 (1,979 versus 1,643).

In robbery there was 46.7% (1,182 against 806) and in grand theft 35.6% (2,848 against 2,101).

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