The United States government will consider the military service provided by foreigners in the processing of detention and deportation of immigrants , the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service ( ICE ) reported Tuesday.

“ ICE values ​​the incredible contributions of foreign nationals who have served in the United States Armed Forces ,” said Acting Agency Director Tae D. Johnson .

“Under this guideline , ICE will take into consideration the military service of an alien or immediate family members,” he added.

Even before this directive, ICE has recognized military service as a mitigating factor and “highly relevant” in making decisions on a case-by-case basis before determining the application of immigration laws.

The new guideline makes this practice the official norm. ICE will look at various circumstances including the type of discharge given from the Armed Forces and length of service.

The rule applies to aliens who have served in the Army , Navy , Air Force , Marine Corps , Air Force , Coast Guard, Space Force, and National Guard, including their reserves.

Foreigners have long histories in the US military, and the promise of expedited citizenship has encouraged them to join for many periods.

According to the Migration Policy Institute , more than 760,000 foreign nationals have enlisted in the military and obtained US citizenship in the last century.

He reviews increases in figures during the 2 world wars , and a smaller increase after the terrorist attacks of September 2001.

There are currently about 35,000 foreigners in the armed forces , and each year about 8,000 volunteer and are recruited.

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