The US and Puerto Rico will hold an economic dialogue in the fall in Washington

The US and Puerto Rico will hold an economic dialogue in the fall in Washington

The governments of the United States and Puerto Rico will hold an economic dialogue next fall in Washington to address the development of the island, the White House announced Thursday.

The US Undersecretary of Commerce, Don Graves, and the Puerto Rican Governor, Pedro Pierluisi, held a meeting today in San Juan to prepare, together with their teams, the next dialogue, which does not yet have a specific date.

During the meeting, Graves and Pierluisi studied “the mechanisms for the federal government and the Government of Puerto Rico to align on shared priorities that benefit all Puerto Ricans,” the White House said in a statement.

According to the US Executive, during the administration of Democrat Joe Biden there has been “an unprecedented flow of federal funds to the island.”

The undersecretary and the governor also discussed how to attract labor to the island and how to take advantage of the infrastructure package approved last year by the United States Congress to diversify the Puerto Rican economy and “create long-term prosperity.”

Pierluisi claimed on social networks that he works together with 17 federal government agencies to “achieve sustainable economic development in the short, medium and long term.”

He also said that Graves leads a team of officials who work with the Government of Puerto Rico “with a view to maximizing the impact of federal funds.”

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