The US allocates 0 million dollars for Latin American countries to attend to and stop migration

The US allocates $240 million dollars for Latin American countries to attend to and stop migration

Antony Blinken announced that Washington will allocate another 240 million dollars for the countries of the continent to assist and stop migrants in transit, as well as to reinforce their borders.

The head of US diplomacy made his announcement public during a meeting on migration parallel to the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Lima.

“The United States will provide another $240 million in bilateral humanitarian aid to help receive and meet the needs of immigrants and refugees in the region,” the secretary said.

Blinken explained that these resources will be used for health, shelter and education services, but also to reinforce the borders and the persecution of human traffickers.

“This support will help host communities to better integrate the migrant population,” he said.

The US wants immigrants not to reach its borders

The US secretary of state also called for “working together” to address the root causes of migration, among which he cited insecurity, lack of economic opportunity, the climate crisis and corruption in the region.

“None of us can meet this challenge alone. But we can if we all work together, “he claimed.

The United States wants Latin American countries to stop immigrants and convened this meeting to follow up on the migration declaration of Los Angeles last June, in which twenty American countries promised to stop migratory flows.

Washington’s objective is that the countries of transit for immigrants and refugees welcome these people so that they do not reach the United States border, which registers record numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing.

Blinken gave as an example the cases of Colombia and Peru, which have received 2.4 million and 1.3 million Venezuelan refugees, respectively.

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