The United States Senate confirmed Anthony Blinken as Joe Biden's Secretary of State

The United States Senate confirmed Anthony Blinken as Joe Biden’s Secretary of State

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Globe Live Media, Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The United States Senate confirmed Anthony Blinken as Joe Biden’s Secretary of State on Tuesday. The official obtained 78 favorable votes in the Upper House and thus became the highest-ranking member of the cabinet. He ranks fourth in the US government line of succession.

Blinken, 58, has a long-standing relationship with the president and held various diplomatic posts during the Barack Obama administration. They include the Assistant Secretary of State and the Assistant National Security Advisor. As reported by the agency Globe Live Media, will begin to exercise its functions on Wednesday after taking the oath.

The official outlined what will be the priorities of the Biden administration in the field of international politics on January 19, in his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations committee.

“The leadership of the United States still matters. The reality is that the world just doesn’t organize itself. When we are not involved, when we are not leading, one of two things is likely to happen. Or another country tries to take our place, but not in a way that is in line with our interests and values; Or something just as bad: nobody does it. And there they have chaos, “he said during a passage of his interview with legislators.

“Humility and trust should be the two sides of the coin of America’s leadership. We have a lot of work to do at home to improve our position abroad,” he added.

In that sense, when speaking of “humility” he has also reaffirmed the need for the United States to forge new and revitalize old alliances, after an Administration marked by several disagreements with traditional allies, such as Germany, France, Japan, or South Korea. .

China was also one of the main topics discussed during the session, in which Blinken was questioned about the attitude that Biden will maintain in matters such as the protests in Hong Kong or the alleged crimes of cyber espionage that in recent months have been attributed to the Beijing Government.

In this case, Blinken indicated that, broadly and with qualifications, he agreed with the approach taken by the administration of now former President Donald Trump in this regard.

“I think President Trump was right to take a stricter approach to China. I don’t really agree with the way he did it in various areas, but the basic principle was the correct one, and I think that is really useful for our foreign policy, “he said.

However, Blinken remarked that he “has no doubts” that China aspires to become the great world power and regretted that Biden’s predecessor did not limit Beijing’s movements in time to exercise more and more control over Hong Kong, whose freedom and autonomy “has shattered.”

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