The US intelligence community considers that the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP), the branch of the jihadist group that operates in Afghanistan, could have the capacity to attack the North American country in a period of “between six and twelve months.”

The Deputy Secretary for Policy of the US Department of Defense, Colin Kahl , has stated that “the intelligence community considers that both ISKP and Al Qaeda have the intention of carrying out external operations, also against the United States.

“None of them have the capacity to do it right now,” he said during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. “We could see ISKP generating that capacity in six to twelve months,” he added.

“I think the current intelligence community assessment is that it would take al Qaeda a year or two to rebuild that capability . We have to remain vigilant against this possibility, “said Kahl during his appearance.

Kahl’s words come amid concerns about the possibility that terrorist groups operating in the Asian country could be reinforced after the Taliban seized power in mid-August and after the departure from Afghan territory of the international troops.

The Administration of US President Joe Biden has not presented a strategy to deal with the terrorist threat in Afghanistan, while the new Taliban authorities have rejected any kind of interference and have pledged to prevent the country from being used as a safe haven. insurance by these groups to attack abroad.

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