The Republicans, 7 seats away from achieving control of the Lower House in the US

The Republicans, 7 seats away from achieving control of the Lower House in the US

Only seven seats separate the Republican Party from wresting control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats, in an election in which the vote count is moving slowly.

The projections of the American media this Friday indicate that the conservatives have 211 seats of the 218 necessary to have a majority in the Lower House, while the Democratic Party is granted between 191 and 198 seats, still far from reaching the necessary majority to maintain control.

Three days after the mid-term elections, control of both houses of Congress is still up for grabs, with several contests unresolved.

In the Senate, the results of two key states, Nevada and Arizona, are still pending, while in Georgia a second round will have to be held in December.

Currently, the projections give 48 senators to the Democrats, who today have control of the chamber with half of the senators and the tie-breaking vote of the US vice president, Kamala Harris, and 49 to the Republicans.

And in the House of Representatives, the seats are turning red or blue very slowly because, as media outlets like CNN point out, the House races that have not yet been projected are in states with a significant number of votes to be counted. such as California, Arizona, and Oregon.

This implies that it will be “some time” before control of the House is determined, the station says.

In Nevada, for example, the authorities have recognized that there are still more than 300,000 votes to be counted, which arrived by mail.

According to the Washington Post, while Republicans remain confident they will narrowly win the House, there are several races in Western states that are shifting in favor of the Democrats, “giving the party an opportunity to retain control.” “.

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