The governor of Florida opens a vaccination center in a museum of Cuban exiles

The Governor of Florida opens a Vaccination Center in a Museum of Cuban exiles

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, inaugurates a vaccination center against covid-19 in the museum of the Veterans Association of Bahía Pigs (Brigade 2506), in Miami, this February 8, 2021. EFE / Cristóbal Herrera

Miami, Feb 8 .- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis inaugurated this Monday at the museum of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association (Brigade 2506), in Miami, a vaccination center against covid-19, as a form of “retribution” to Cuban exiles, who, in his words, are part of the “backbone” of the state.

At a press conference held at the museum dedicated to the “heroes” of the failed 1961 invasion of the Bay of Pigs (Cuba) to try to overthrow Fidel Castro, DeSantis highlighted the people who have given their lives “to defend their countries from communism.”

The Republican pointed out that the “older adults first” policy, the cornerstone of the covid-19 vaccination plan in Florida, is not only based on immunizing parents and grandparents but also people who “inspire” and, in In that sense, he recalled the plan implemented days ago to vaccinate Holocaust survivors living in this state.

“The cause against communism is a noble cause,” he said, shortly before giving way to the vaccination of three “veterans” of the Bay of Pigs, who, as the governor said, “were captured by the forces of (Fidel). Castro.

It was Eli Cesar, 84 years old; Rigoberto Montesinos, 82, and Raúl Vallejo, 77, who were the first to be immunized at this center, located in the neighborhood known as Little Havana and they already have an appointment for their second dose.

DeSantis highlighted that the number of people over 65 years old who have already been vaccinated in Florida is close to one and a half million, a figure that constitutes almost a third of this entire population residing in the so-called “Sunny State.”

Florida is “by far” the state in the country with the most vaccinated adults over 65, he said.
The governor also announced the expansion of vaccination sites and revealed that vaccination posts will soon be set up in stores of the Walmart chain and they are analyzing the possibility of adding more pharmacies in the network of stores where doses are supplied.

He added that they are going to open an immunization site for low-income people in Miami-Dade County, the county that accumulates the most cases in the state.

Across Florida, according to official data, 667,830 people have already been fully vaccinated, meaning that they have received the two doses of vaccines required by Pfizer and Moderna compounds.

DeSantis expressed disappointment that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scheduled the meeting of experts for the end of February that will study the request for an emergency authorization for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine ( J&J) can be distributed in the United States.

Unlike the other two that are already used in the country, those of Moderna and Pfizer laboratories, that of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), which in severe cases is 85% effective, consists of a single dose and does not need refrigeration , as highlighted by the governor.
Florida has to date 1,777,983 confirmed cases and 28,161 deaths in total.


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