After years of rumours, it seems that details about the film The Fantastic Four will finally be revealed during September’s D23. Or so it seems to indicate a new wave of information.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will announce the cast of the highly anticipated reboot at this year’s D23 Expo. A possibility that opens up a whole host of new places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially now that it is almost taken for granted that the Secret Wars story arc will be part of phase five of the franchise.

According to DisInsider Show, Feige would announce the entire cast for the long-awaited reboot of Marvel’s most famous superhero family. He would also include details about the director, release date and where he would fit into the next phase of the saga.

A whole series of data that during the last months have been speculated without there being a concrete answer for any of them. In particular, when the project seems to span several stories at once and also, a prominent place in the future of Marvel.

For now, the Fantastic Four project, one of the most anticipated in the medium term, is in an uncertain place. After the brief appearance of Reed Richards played by John Krasinski in the sequel to Doctor Strange, it seems that the character will have a new face.

One that could correspond to Earth – 616 and that would make it clear, as hinted in the Sam Raimi film, was one variant of hundreds of the hero. If so, the family of superheroes would have a completely different version in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An idea that aroused the enthusiasm of the fans.

In April 2022, Jon Watts parted ways with the project. The Fantastic Four, in which he had been informally related for almost a year. The eventuality brought the project back to square one where it has been since its pre-production season was announced in 2019.

Since then, the film has been linked to several future productions. However, none came to fruition. Until now, the brief appearance of Mr Fantastic in Raimi’s film is the only unequivocal sign that the group of characters are part of the universe in the medium term.

During the last weeks, an insistent rumor suggested that Steven Spielberg would be linked to the project. But immediately, industry veteran Mike Sampson revealed that it is, again, information that is at least out of date.

Always according to Sampson. Marvel Studios had some talks with Spielberg to direct the film, but the proposal did not come to fruition.

What to expect for now, beyond The Fantastic Four?

With Comic-Con San Diego about to start and D23 two months away, it is not clear what the Marvel announcements will be. From a solo film for Wanda Maximoff to the announcement of the third part of Deadpool.

It’s not clear what he expects for Marvel at several of the biggest events in the entertainment industry. But one thing is certain: whatever it is will mark the end of Marvel’s phase four and the beginning of it. Which could mean a total rethinking of both the tone and the form of the franchise.

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