The beach cleaning brigade arrived in Mar del Plata and will recycle the waste found in the sand

The beach cleaning brigade arrived in Mar del Plata and will recycle the waste found in the sand

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In Mar del Plata the tour will begin at 17

This afternoon, the Reciclando Conciencia cooperative will hold a beach cleaning in Mar del Plata. The tour will begin starting at 17 and the starting point will be at Avenida Peralta Ramos 5499.

The solidarity action seeks that tourists and people from Mar del Plata are part of the cause and are summoned to accompany the group of volunteers during this day in the trash lying in the sand.

A week ago, the same organization carried out a clean-up on the beaches in Pinamar, which began from Avenida del Mar and De los Trirremes. On the tour 286.4 kilos of waste were collected along 1.8 kilometers of beaches. All located in the border area.

Reciclando Conciencia is located in Pinamar and is the only recycling cooperative -on the Atlantic Coast- authorized to issue electronic manifests of sustainable traceability by the Provincial Organism for Sustainable Development (OPDS). The project was born 10 years ago, from the union of several friends who became environmental activists.

In Mar del Plata, waste collection will take approximately 50 minutes

In Mar del Plata, waste collection will take approximately 50 minutes 

To be part of the initiative this afternoon, the organizers asked that those who join the waste collection wear masks and respect social distance. After the meeting this afternoon, on Tuesday 26, precisely on World Environmental Education Day, they will once again clean the beaches of Pinar del Río.

“In November 2020 we put together a program to clean the beaches for three months, we did it until mid-December. They called us from Arcos Dorados to support us and we scheduled four cleanings for January ”, he explained Carlos Mendez, president of Reciclando Conciencia, to Infobae.

“We are committed to the communities in which we operate and to caring for the planet. For many years we have worked focused on reducing the impact that our operation generates on the environment. We have been developing initiatives to reduce the amount of plastics such as the elimination of straws, cold drink caps, etc. Today we are accompanying and supporting the cleaning of beaches because we understand that it is crucial to take care of the planet, ”said Mariana Socolinsky, manager of Social Commitment and Sustainable Development of Arcos Dorados.

“We are going to be with two promoters from 4 pm inviting people to join. We will clean around 40 or 50 minutes. Then we will return to the premises, we will give a final talk and we will deliver gifts and we will do raffles ”, explained Méndez.

In Pinamar, last weekend around 40 people were present, who signed up through social networks, or personally, to collaborate with said work.

In Pinamar, last weekend around 40 people were present

In Pinamar, last weekend around 40 people were present 

Of the total collected, 60% corresponds to plastics (bags, nylon), 20% to fishing material (ropes, ropes, etc.), 10% to glass (mainly bottles) and the remaining 10% to metals.

In each of these days, which usually have the support of restaurants, merchants and foundations that operate in the area, environmental promotion actions are carried out, where the reason for cleaning, separation and recycling is explained. Surveys are also carried out, aiming to know the habits of the community and show the actions of the cooperative.

Through the collection centers, located in central streets and educational and public institutions of Pinamar, Valeria del Mar, Cariló and Ostende, which triple in the high season, Recycling Conciencia receives between 4 thousand and 6 thousand kilos of waste on a daily basis.

With that material, the cooperative developed a variety of sustainable products, applied to construction and decoration. Among them, an eco-block made from polystyrene, a material that is difficult to trace and has a high level of contamination, which was produced in conjunction with the Experimental Center (CEP-ATE) of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU).

The cooperative also developed recycled plastic plates, of different colors and textures, which are used for different types of furniture, such as baskets, compost bins, spoons, flowerpots, mailboxes.

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