Thalia denounced Mistreatment of her Grandmother: “We have found her in totally unacceptable Conditions”

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Photo: @Thalia / IG.

Through her Instagram account, Thalía denounced this Monday the mistreatment her grandmother has suffered, Eva Mange Márquez, allegedly at the hands of their caretakers.

“Today, January 18 of the current year, we should be celebrating the 103rd birthday of our beloved grandmother, Doña Eva Mange Márquez. But far from a celebration we are in a situation of anguish and great surprise, since we have found our grandmother in totally unacceptable conditions”He wrote in the post.

“For now, we cannot give so many details about what happened to his health; But right now we would like to ask you for a prayer for her. Prayers and light so that he soon recovers the health that has been compromised “added.

(Photo: Twitter @LAURAZAPATAM)
(Photo: Twitter @LAURAZAPATAM)

Although for the moment, Thalía has not wanted to reveal more information, her sister, Laura Zapata, did confirm on Twitter that the acts of abuse occurred in the asylum where her grandmother was, and also shared images of the injuries.

“She is my warrior and I love her! Today he turns 103 years old. Excited and happy, I isolated myself to see her and celebrate her. With great enthusiasm I fulfilled all the protocols to attend his birthday. I passed the Covid-19 test. But happiness turned into great pain. That’s how I found it ”, Zapata wrote in a first tweet.

These are the care they have given my grandmother. She has 9 bedsores. I can’t believe this is happening. Situation that they hid from me during all this time. Today I could finally see all the damage done. I have taken action on the matter. Jail those responsible.

Ulna bedsores are ulcers that form when muscles and soft tissue press against a surface, such as a chair or bed, and often occur in situations where mobility is markedly reduced. This pressure prevents the circulation of blood in that area, and can cause that skin tissue to die.

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Thalía’s publication on Instagram to celebrate her grandmother’s 101st birthday

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