The author of the shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead in a school in Uvalde, TexasUSA, alerted about 15 minutes before in a Facebook message that he was about to shoot at a school, the state governor, Greg Abbott, reported Wednesday.

In a press conference, Republican Abbott explained that approximately half an hour before the shooting, Salvador Ramos -as the attacker was identified- wrote in Facebook that he was going to shoot his grandmother.

A few minutes later, published another in which he said that he had already attacked his grandmother -who was seriously injured-, and in a third message, published a quarter of an hour before the massacre at the school, indicated that He was about to attack a school.

On the other hand, Abbott explained that in addition to the 21 muertos hay 17 injured for this event, three of them police officers, although there is no fear for their lives.

The Texas governor also detailed that the weapon used by Ramos was an AR-15 rifle, and that, from what is known to date, the young man did not have a criminal record or a history of mental problems.

The attacker was killed by a Texas Border Patrol agent.

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