Texas Governor Signs Law Restricting Voting Rights

Texas Governor Signs Law Restricting Voting Rights

The governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, signed on Tuesday a law that restricts the right to vote and that has become a symbol of the conservative offensive to reduce participation under the guise of electoral fraud.

Abbott signed the legislation with a white pen and was automatically applauded by those present at an event in the city of Tyler, Texas.

This was the last step that was needed for the entry into force of what is known as the “SB1” law, which in practice will restrict voting in Texas to groups that vote for Democrats in greater proportions, such as Hispanic and African-American minorities and low-income people.

The law will also negatively affect non-English proficient or people with disabilities.

Abbott, however, defended that the legislation “protects” the right to vote and the integrity of the Texas electoral process to prevent fraud.

“This law will make it more difficult for fraudulent votes to be cast,” said the political official.

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