Spain.- Villarejo justifies that he denounced a former head of the CNI to protect Spain

Spain.- Villarejo justifies that he denounced a former head of the CNI to protect Spain

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01/15/2021 Trial against the retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo for alleged crimes of slander and false complaint against the former director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) Félix Sanz Roldán. EUROPE SPAIN JUSTICE POLICY TSJM

He describes himself as “the most vilified person in this country” for “daring” to denounce Sánz Roldán


The retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo has denied, in the trial held this Friday against him for alleged crimes of slander and false complaint against the former director of the CNI Félix Sanz Roldán, any intention to insult him, ensuring that his His sole purpose in denouncing him was to protect the institutional interests of Spain, and he has denounced that, on the other hand, he would be the victim of an operation to “annihilate him” supposedly orchestrated by the former head of Spanish intelligence.

Villarejo, to questions from his lawyer about his “spirit” when denouncing Sanz Roldán for, allegedly, spreading a photograph of the former commissioner when he was returning from a covert operation against jihadist terrorism, has replied that it was not insulting but “defining”. As he has declared, he was “outraged” that in this way his cover was endangered and with it his collaborators. “It seemed absolutely aberrant to me,” he added.

In addition, he has argued that he first tried to address the matter with Sanz Roldán “through dialogue” and therefore sent him a message on his personal phone, although – he said – without obtaining any response. Thus, he has said that he decided to go to the public notes – “I think that was the origin of all the animosity” – and finally to the filing of a complaint.

The retired commissioner has asserted that the reason that led him to denounce Sanz Roldán was to defend the institutional interests of Spain, arguing that “as a servant of the State” his “obligation” was “to inform the authorities of what he considers to be criminal. “. “With the mother, with the country, without reason or without her. I never go against it, as a Spaniard”, he has sentenced, while criticizing that “this is an absurd country where they insult you by calling you a patriot.”

Villarejo has also been ratified in the complaint he filed against Sanz Roldán for, he maintains, delivering that photograph to ‘El País’ to illustrate an article on the “tentacles” of the former commissioner in the world of justice. He explained that, given that it was taken when he was getting off a plane in a “private area” of runways at Melilla airport, “only an authorized person could have taken that photograph.”

“Then, miraculously, someone must have thought that we were going to something, a journalist, sure, some genius of life, took the photo, kept it for two years and published it, coincidentally, coinciding with a comic so as not to sleep”, has said, pulling irony. “It was impossible for anyone, except the CNI, to have that photo,” he argued, also indicating that it could only have come to light through Sanz Roldán or by his express order.


The defendant has also adhered to what he said in the interview he gave on June 5, 2017 to the program ‘Salvados’ of La Sexta, when he pointed out that Sanz Roldán had threatened to kill the former friend of King Emeritus Corinna Larsen, for what is imputed to him an alleged crime of slander.

Villarejo has reiterated that in the different meetings he had with Larsen, among which he has mentioned some in London and Monaco, he was able to verify that “this lady was not lying, that she was really terrified.” “I did nothing more than reproduce what, not only Larsen had told me, but what later I was able to verify because that is what high command of the CNI told me,” he declared.

According to the retired police officer, he met the German-Danish businesswoman, pretending that he was a lawyer who wanted to help her, because the CNI told him that “it was very important to try to recover a series of documents that affected state security.” “I tried to convince her, to seduce her, because it was my job,” he commented, adding that he had gained her trust. ”

At this point, he has taken the opportunity to express his surprise at what he has considered irresponsible on the part of Sanz Roldán. “I said, ‘How does this man think of going there to threaten this woman?” As he himself answered, the people with whom he discussed the matter within the National Intelligence Center explained that “he wanted to look good to the Lord,” in an alleged allusion to Don Juan Carlos.


After all this, and because Sanz Roldán would have taken it as “a personal matter”, the former director of the CNI would have launched a persecution against Villarejo, according to the version of the former commissioner. “It is very clear that it is all a perfectly designed operation because it is necessary to annihilate a subject who has dared to question the functioning of a person who abuses his condition,” he defended. “I must be the only idiot in this country who dares to denounce the CNI director general,” he added.

In this sense, he has been sure that if he had not acted against the former head of Spanish Intelligence, he would have continued “the same” as in recent years, highlighting that he has worked with “different governments.” “I am the most vilified person in this country for telling Mr. Sanz Roldán what others did not dare,” he insisted, to add that he is not “afraid” of him and does not regret “at all” what he did: “In life one has to dress by the feet, and nobody will ever make me kneel.”

However, throughout his statement, he has revealed several times that he is “physically annoyed”, he has mentioned memory, back and hearing problems, and has complained, like his lawyer in the previous questions, that he does not the principle of ‘equality of arms’ has been respected. “These are my weapons, paper and pencil,” he said, showing them to the judge and the parties.

Despite the memory problems he claims to have, after spending more than four years in prison in what he has defined as a confinement situation due to being in solitary confinement, Villarejo has warned that he is experiencing a “neuroplasticity effect.” “I am beginning to remember everything and dedicating many hours,” he said.

He has also expressed his “admiration” for the judge, Jesús de Jesús, because “he can remain independent of so much pressure”, taking into account that – he pointed out – there must be an “atrocious fear” of what he might say in an oral hearing. “I am condemned in advance,” Villarejo concluded.


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