Shocking accident in a race in Paraná: The Dipy caused a brutal multiple crash at the start

Shocking accident in a race in Paraná : The Dipy caused a brutal multiple crash at the start

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The Dipy crash in Top Race Junior

All hearts stopped on Sunday morning at the Top Race Junior. At the Autodromo de Paraná there was a chilling accident where four cars were destroyed and one of them overturned and left the circuit. A few meters from the start the singer El Dipy, touched Axel Tomada (Renault), his car was crossed and Carlos Guttlein (Mercedes), Hector Mercado (Chevrolet) and Alexis May (Mercedes) couldn’t help but crash it.

One of them ended above the retaining wall and left the track. His body disintegrated and the pilot was saved by the roll cage and the structure that these cars have, which are all prototypes, that is, they are made just for racing. All the runners had no physical consequences and only May was sent from a health center to carry out some controls.

The sports commissioners considered El Dipy responsible for the initial touch, who was excluded. The singer joined the category last year and has a past zonal division.

On-board camera in El Dipy’s car

The area where the incident took place is one of the fastest places on the Entre Ríos racetrack and the most dangerous because it is a curvón at high speed. This added to the fact that it was after the start, gave it an added value since the 16 cars were together.

A maneuver like that of El Dipy usually ends with exclusion. It will be necessary to see what sanction falls to the artist. You may receive a penalty which may be a penalty for the next race or perhaps a suspension. This will be analyzed by the Automobile Sports Commission of the Argentine Automobile Club (ACA), which is the entity that supervises the category.

The race was interrupted with a red flag and after the second start the victory corresponded to Thomas Micheloud, who scored a double after winning the final on Saturday. Second was Miguel Otero and Nicolás Palau completed a full podium for Mercedes.

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