In the case of New York, minimum temperatures could be in the 50 °F as early as the weekend

The hot days Americans have experienced in several areas of the country so far this week would give way to a drop in temperatures later this week.

A report from FOX Weather on Tuesday anticipates a rapid transition to cool temperatures later this week into the weekend in the midst of early fall.

Even the National Weather Service (NWS) Climate Prediction Center yesterday estimated the forecast for below normal temperatures through early next week.

“More chances of below normal temperatures are favored for early next week over the eastern United States. Some scattered and rural areas could see the first frost of the season,” reads a tweet shared on the NWS account.

Another message on that Twitter profile highlights the rapid transition from warm to cold conditions.

“A strong cold front slowly advances across the central U.S. through midweek. Above normal temperatures are expected for most areas in anticipation of the front, with record-breaking temperatures for parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast on Tuesday and Wednesday,” the office adds.

The FOX report adds that temperatures will begin to drop first in the Plains and Rocky Mountains.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, for example, temperatures will drop from 92 °F on Sunday, an all-time record for October, to 70 °F by midweek and 50 °F by week’s end.

For Texas, temperatures of 90 °F early in the week will drop between 80 °F and 70 °F as the days progress.

In states like New York, forecasts at the moment are calling for lows of 50 °F starting Saturday.

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