As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, Russia has accused, without providing evidence so far, the United States of wanting to promote the use of chemical or biological weapons. Washington denies these accusations and the American president warns Moscow in the event of chemical attacks on Ukrainian territory.

The UN Security Council met urgently on Friday to discuss the issue of chemical weapons. At Russia ‘s request , Moscow accuses, without evidence, the United States of developing unconventional weapons in Ukraine. The Americans deny it and suspect Russia of manipulation. Beyond the passing of arms between Russians and Americans, what worries the White House is a Syrian-style scenario with the use of chemical weapons against populations.

Russia known for using unconventional weapons

Faced with a conflict that is getting bogged down in Ukraine, the Russians, already accused of bombing civilians, could sink a little more into terror, this is what the American intelligence services fear in particular.

On Friday, United States President Joe Biden threatened Vladimir Putin in the event of a chemical attack: “I won’t talk about intelligence, but Russia will pay a high price if it uses chemical weapons.”

It must be said that Russia is notoriously known for using unconventional weapons. What to worry the Americans because we remember the ex-Russian agent Sergei Skripal or the opponent Alexeï Navalny , both poisoned by a nerve agent, the Novichok.

What about Bashar al-Assad’s chemical strikes on his own people in Syria, with the help of the Russians? For its part, Moscow is increasing the pressure and accusing Washington of wanting to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, without proof. Accusations also relayed by China. But the great danger for Americans, beyond words, is that Putin is already preparing minds for the imminent use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine.

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