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Russia accuses US Diplomats of publishing Navalni protest itinerary

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The US embassy in Moscow will have to give explanations about the publication on its website of the itinerary of the opposition demonstrations held this Saturday in Russia in support of the jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalni, the Foreign Ministry said.

“Yesterday (Friday) the US embassy in Moscow published the ‘routes of the protests’ in various Russian cities and released information about a ‘demonstration towards the Kremlin,'” Russian ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Facebook. Our “American colleagues are going to have to come and explain,” she added.

She was referring to the posting on the embassy’s website of a warning asking US citizens not to attend Saturday’s demonstrations in Russia. In this text, the US representation specifies in which cities and on which streets the rallies were planned.

For the Russian diplomat, it was about cheering up the protesters.

In her opinion, if the Russian embassy in Washington had acted in this way, it would have led to “threats of sanctions and expulsions of Russian diplomats.”

American diplomats did not react immediately. The spokeswoman for the US embassy, ​​on the other hand, denounced the hundreds of arrests of protesters during the protest actions on Saturday.

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